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An Independent distribution business working with Forever - The Aloe Vera Company

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Real people

Paul and Claire Barradell, Derby...

Claire was a working mum with 2 children looking for a way to earn an extra income and to leave her 2 part-time jobs. Paul was a Sales Manager for an engineering company selling Japanese machinery, very well paid but with the stress that comes with the salary. We discovered FLP in June 2000. In a short time, by working part-time around our work and children, it has enabled us both to retire from our conventional careers, still only in our early thirties. FLP has given us more time to enjoy life whilst maintaining a more than substantial income.



Matthew Hall...

I feel blessed and honoured to be working with such fantastic and motivated people. To be able to create an income stream, allowing not only quality time with my family, but also quality time for me, is truly life changing.

Andy Waring and Viviane Bernhard, Dorset...

In spite of having worked hard for what seemed forever, we were facing losing our home and I was sick of being in debt. Within just two years of starting our business with FLP, we were totally debt free.



Richard Ingleby, London...

As a graduate who had spent time travelling, I came back to find conventional corporate life tedious and inhibiting - surely there had to be more to life than that! Now I have a great international business and I can't sleep for the excitement of what's happening.