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An Independent distribution business working with Forever - The Aloe Vera Company

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Lynne James, Oxford...

For the last 3 to 4 years of my career as an Executive PA, I was very disillusioned and de-motivated. I wanted out! 6 years ago I found FLP. Working with FLP has given me a fantastic, flexible career, allowing me to bring up my twin sons without putting them into crèche or nursery. I have a great income for working 20 hours a week, which is more than I earned working 60 hours a week! I have financial independence, a beautiful convertible car, masses of REAL job satisfaction, helping others also to achieve success with FLP



Matthew Hall...

I feel blessed and honoured to be working with such fantastic and motivated people. To be able to create an income stream, allowing not only quality time with my family, but also quality time for me, is truly life changing.

Andy Waring and Viviane Bernhard, Dorset...

In spite of having worked hard for what seemed forever, we were facing losing our home and I was sick of being in debt. Within just two years of starting our business with FLP, we were totally debt free.



Daniel Backus and Keely McNulty, Derbyshire...

My name's Daniel and with my partner Keely, we started working this business very part-time in January 2003. My background is in photography, Keely in hairdressing and we're now achieving things we thought wouldn't be possible for many years to come, such as my fantastic new Lotus Elise and Keely with her equally fantastic new Mini Cooper. I'm finishing work at Christmas, Keely following shortly and this business is going to give us the lifestyle of our wildest dreams.