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21st Century challenges

Many people feel that these first years of the Millennium have brought with them new and distinct problems.... in the workplace, business and personal finance, which last-century traditional solutions are failing to answer.


An increasingly competitive marketplace has changed forty-year job and career plans into short-term contracts, assignments, or even worse, no contracts at all.

These things have brought the realisation, that exchanging time for money in a job or profession, rarely creates long-term security or financial freedom.

How many people do you know, who live in the home of their dreams, enjoy spectacular vacations, give their children the education they deserve and live a lifestyle with the emphasis on STYLE?

Unless you run your own business you will rarely achieve these things but what if you could have your own minimal risk business with more security than any employment?


New technology was supposed to be the means by which people would have more leisure time and higher living standards.

The reality is that those in employment are working harder and longer, with ever-increasing numbers of other people being declared 'surplus to requirements'.

Instead of freedom, advanced technology has brought insecurity. How many of us now feel secure in our chosen careers?